Welcome to Red Hook Boaters

Come paddle with us! Our programs are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis (no reservations necessary). 

Who we are: The Red Hook Boaters is a volunteer organization that provides free kayaking in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Our mission is to help people get on the water and enjoy the New York Harbor, and to instill a sense of protection for our unique coastal environment by maintaining the small-boat launch site from which we operate.

What we do: Since 2006, thousands of people have joined us for a paddle inside the protected waters of the Louis Valentino Jr. Pier Park. We provide all the equipment along with paddling & safety tips. You arrive, put your name on a list, and then take a kayak out for a short paddle to explore the cove at your own pace (you will get a little wet). Afterwards, you can join us in our beach cleanup. As people experience and enjoy the waterfront through our programs, they become advocates for its revitalization. Many participants join our mission and become volunteers!

Your donations keep us afloat!
Donate today through our fiscal sponsor and partner the Gowanus Dredgers to help more people experience the harbor.

The PayPal account is under the name "Gowanus Dredgers". Please add a note saying that the donation is for Red Hook Boaters.

We would like to thank Partnership for Parks, Citizens Committee for NYC, and Hudson River Foundation for their assistance and support.  

The Red Hook Boaters is a committee of the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, a not-for-profit that has been offering canoeing programs in South Brooklyn since 1999. 

UPDATE: We are CLOSED Sunday, July 9th 

Thursdays 6pm-8pm from June 1 through August 17, 2023

Saturdays 1pm-4pm from June 3 through June 24, 2023

Sundays 1pm-4pm from July 2 through September 17, 2023 

City of Water Day: Saturday, July 15th (closed July 16)

Email: info@redhookboaters.org

Follow us on Instagram: @redhookboaters